Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ain't No Way I am Going out in That

Tuesday,Current Temperature in Jackson: -13 F, High today +12 but we know that it will never get that warm today, maybe 4. Tonite will be another chilly one down to -14, -11 the next nite. All this is telling me that I am better off inside. I love to be outside but as I get older I get smarter (or lazier, you choose) and don't feel the need to hit it hard when my lungs say no thanks.

It's funny that when you watch the national weather reports and there is a cold snap in east, the big talk is about temperature with wind chill, wind chill. In the west, we might mention the wind chill but the real temperature is low enough for us. In spite of the painful temperatures, there are some gifts with the cold weather. Usually it's a blue bird sunny day and it sometimes seems that you are in a snowglobe with the sparkling ice crystals in the air and if you get up early and go outside, most of the lights on shoot straight up into the air (for reasons beyond my comprehension) and it looks like we are communicating with aliens.

After the long ski on Saturday, I worked late so I didn't have to come in Sunday. Took the whole day off and it was wonderful. I went for a snowshoe with my pregnant friend Whitney and her two dogs, Opie and Mia and of course, Scoobie got to come. She was show stopper out there in the snow. We took it easy and went just about an hour up Phillips Pass, one of my favorite places. There were search dogs out practicing and Sophie had bust in and see what they were doing, nosy rosy. It was a nice day and prior to our cold snap.

Monday was just 40 minutes on the treadmill, mellow. Today I did 65 minutes on a 10k hilly option that almost had me turning down the speed. Treadmills are great for learning what a speed feels like and you can't just slow down or you get bucked off.

Wednesday - temp = -11, getting warmer. I think it's one more cold nite and then we are back to the positive. Just makes you appreciate 10 degrees all the more. I am excited to get outside for some playtime. I ran 45 minutes on the treadmill (broken record) this morning. I was going to do some weights with my friend Julia last nite but she was tired as was I so a glass of wine and a nice dinner was a better substitute we though. Julia is healing from a complete knee blowout.

When I first moved to Wyoming, I was shocked by the number of people that blew their knee out here. I almost thought it was like a contagious disease, something that you knew was eventually going to get around to you. I had never known anyone who had knee surgery in Atlanta (where I grew up). But anyways, Julia blew her knee out up Whimpy's which I think involved a 4000 foot climb in the backcountry. She injured herself at the beginning of the run and made it back down on her own 3500 feet down on one leg (turns were tough she said), amazing. She did want to have to call out Search and Rescue (her boyfriend is a member) and have them come out, so she self rescued.

She is recovering well and has the most amazing attitude about her injury and recovery. She says that it has given her many gifts and realizations and she has been able to see the love and support that friends can give in this place where all (or most) of us are very far away from family. We tend to be each others family out here and it can be most comforting.

Thursday, January 24th - Butt Cold - The temperature in town at 5:00am was -24, this is getting very old. My shoulders now live up near my ears, huddling against the cold. Another morning on the treadmill with Today in Wyoming on the tv. I did the 10k options with hills, breathing hard with a steady cramp on my right side for the entire time, sweet. Good news, one the newspeople, Deepak Siami is coming to Jackson to cover the Stage Stop Sled Dog race on Friday. I am soo getting a picture with him for the website. I have volunteered to walk dogs before the race's ceremonial start Friday nite. The real race starts Saturday morning and lucky for them, the cold snap should be over by then.

Still sad about Heath Ledger's death. He was a real hottie and great actor. I was lucky to see Brokeback Mountain (twice), the first time at the premiere which was in Jackson with Ang Lee in attendance. He is a true genius and incredibly humble. The short story by Annie Proulx grabbed me by the throat when I read it. I remember I had holed myself up in a tiny cabin in Montana after tax season with good Pinot, organic food and about 8 books.

Also, congrats to Paul Hopwood and Suzanna Bon, winners at what looked like a tough HURT 100. Lots of people went for the 100k distance, not sure how I feel about that option. Suzanna Bon also won AC100 and she might do Bighorn.

Heard from the folks at the Foothills Campground in Dayton. Marshall and Lea, who own the campground are just about the nicest people you could know. Get this, I wrote saying I was doing the 100, so I would need a campsite for Thursday through Sunday morning. They wrote back saying they could try to fill the site on Saturday while I running so I didn't have to pay for that nite, so kind.

Here's to hoping for warmer weather. I think it's coming.


olga said...

Oh, man, that's freaking cold! I won't complain anymore, and I did get my NY pants out, so all's cool (I mean warm). Tough you people even to walk to the car! Actually, come to think about it, I live in this weather back in Russia and thought nothing of it. It's just when it comes suddenly you don't know what to do:) Thanks for snapping me out!
I have no idea where I am staying for BH, my friend did the res, I think it's B&B in Daytona? But I'll be at the pick up and dinner for sure. Adrien finally got a ticket for airfare, dork. I think the whole PNW will come on the same flight from Seattle, it's the only one on Thursday!
OK, stay warm and take a picture with the dude. One day I'll disappear with wine and books into a cabin too, but probably not for another 5 years (to let my younger kid finish school).

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

come on..it's not that cold:)!!